Scheveningen is one of the largest and most popular seaside resorts in the Netherlands. The beaches are popular for their accessibility, cleanliness and good transport connections to The Hague (Den Haag in Dutch). Let us introduce you to the most beautiful beaches of Scheveningen and further things to do in Scheveningen.

Scheveningen Beaches

Scheveningen has a well-maintained beach, 3 km (2 mi) long, perfect for relaxation and swimming. Thanks to its clean water, Scheveningen has been awarded the “Blue Flag” environmental prize several times.

Scheveningen Beach Netherlands
Scheveningen beach with the promenade in the background


The popular Noorderstrand is located on the promenade and is well frequented in the summer. Not far from the beach is the Scheveningen Pier, home to a Ferris wheel, numerous stores, cafes and restaurants. Noorderstrand is ideal if you are looking for a lively beach at a great value, it’s also very close to the water, and you won’t have to cross the dunes to get to the beach. This is perfect for travelers who prefer not to walk a lot or are traveling with small children. You’ll also find some cool water activities here, such as stand-up paddling or RIB tours (boats that go up to 100 km/h).


A quieter beach in Scheveningen is the Zuiderstrand. This is located about 3 km (2 mi) south of the harbor. You’ll find a few beach bars, although it is much quieter than the Noorderstrand. To the south is the nature area Westduinpark, full of sand dunes perfect for hiking.

Dogs on the Beach

Throughout the Netherlands, regulations for dogs depend entirely on the season. During the winter, dogs are allowed without restrictions on all beaches. However, the exact dates depend on the city. In Scheveningen, the winter season runs from October 1st to May 15th. During this time, dogs are permitted to run and play on all beaches in Scheveningen at any time of day, off-leash.

During the summer months (May 16 to September 30) dogs are not allowed on the bathing beaches at all. One exception is the Zuiderstrand (south, near the town of Monster), where dogs are welcome even in summer between 9 pm and 7 am.

If you want to bring your dog to the beach during the day in the summer months, you can go to the dog beaches in Scheveningen. You will find one north of the Noorderstrand (the beach with the promenade). The dog beach starts just north of the parking lot, BKS Parking Zwarte Pad and extends about 1.5 km (1 mi) to the beach entrance, Het Puntje. Zuiderstrand (the southern part of Scheveningen) is home to another dog beach, starting at Strandpaviljoen De Staat and extending south.

On the official website of The Hague you can find a map with bathing and dog beaches marked in yellow and green respectively.

Dunes in Scheveningen

In addition to sunbathing beaches and the city, Scheveningen offers beautiful nature and dunes. North of the Noorderstrand (behind the parking lot BKS Parking Zwarte Pad) stretches the Oostduinpark, followed by the spacious dune landscape, Meijendel. Here you will find kilometers of cycling, riding and hiking trails. In the midst of this breathtaking landscape you will find a pancake restaurant and a children’s playground. The dunes stretch from Scheveningen to Wassenaar and are the largest continuous dune in Holland.

Sightseeing in Scheveningen

In addition to its popular swimming beach, Scheveningen is ideal for combining a beach vacation with an urban jaunt, hiking adventure or cultural exploration.

Ferris Scheveningen
Scheveningen Pier: the Ferris wheel is one of the most iconic landmarks in Scheveningen

Sea Life Scheveningen

At Sea Life in Scheveningen you will experience an exciting underwater world, with 45 exhibits where you can get up close to creatures such as sharks, sea turtles, piranhas, penguins and other exotic animals. You can also watch the animals be fed, a special treat for children!


On the boulevard of Scheveningen you can view the famous Sprookjes Beelden aan Zee, characters from numerous famous fairy tales. Another must-see exhibition are the ice sculptures, available every year with a different theme. Located on the boulevard (near the Ferris wheel), you’ll need to dress warmly, as temperatures of -15°C (5°F) can be expected.


Do you want to learn all about Holland’s history and geography? Then a visit to the Madurodam is an absolute must! Here you can see a model of the most historic buildings and landscapes on a scale of 1:25, faithfully reproduced on an area of 18,000 m² (193750 sq. ft).


As a former fishing village, Scheveningen has a lovely harbor where both luxury yachts and a variety of traditional Dutch cutters dock. The harbor is located between the Noorderstrand and the Zuiderstrand of Scheveningen. In the summer, a water taxi runs every hour, transporting you quickly to the other side while providing a harbor tour. In the winter months you’ll have to take a small detour via the inland waters.


Scheveningen is mainly a seaside resort for recreation. However, it has enough stores for a small shopping spree. In addition to supermarkets and shops for daily needs, you’ll find stores that sell everything from surfing and bathing equipment to small boutique clothing stores. In the Keizerstraat, the oldest shopping street in Scheveningen, you can still find the original fishermen’s houses. If you are looking for the atmosphere of a big city, the center of The Hague is only a few minutes away by car or public transport.

Parking in Scheveningen

There are numerous parking lots in Scheveningen, the “best” choice depends on the duration and purpose of your stay.

If you want to go to the northern dog beach, it is best to park at the BKS Parking Zwarte Pad, just 50 meters away from the beach.

If you are planning a dune walk, you can either park at BKS Parking Zwarte Pad or BKS Parking Strand (ideal for crossing the dunes from south to north), or choose Parkeerplaats Meijendel to start in the middle of the Meijendel nature area.

In the Area

Located in the densely populated province of Zuid-Holland, you will find many other attractions and activities in the area of Scheveningen. As a district of The Hague, Scheveningen is only a stone’s throw from the center of The Haag. A visit to the center of Den Haag is also worthwhile.

The idyllic city of Delft is only a short distance from The Hague. Here you will find the famous Dutch canals, markets and blue and white porcelain (Delft Blue). North of Scheveningen is the student city of Leiden and the famous tulip garden Keukenhof. Along the North Sea coast are other seaside resorts such as Katwijk aan Zee or Noordwijk. Scheveningen is ideal for a beach vacation, but also nice for a longer vacation in combination with city sightseeing and hiking.

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