Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, or simply Schiphol Airport, is the primary international airport of the Netherlands. It’s located in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam in North Holland and is considered the world’s third busiest airport based on international passenger traffic. As such, it’s no surprise that parking fees are at a premium here.

In this article, I’ll give you practical information and my tips regarding parking at Schiphol.

Parking at Schiphol – All Your Options

At Schiphol, there are numerous parking alternatives. As always, knowing your options ahead of time will ensure that your trip to Schiphol is stress-free and that you do not overpay for parking.

Short-Term Parking (P1 Parking)

Short-term parking at Schiphol is possible if you’re picking up or dropping someone off or for very short trips. As you reach the airport, follow the signs to P1 Parking. (In Dutch: P1 Parkeren 0-48 uur.)

You don’t need to make any reservations here; you can park for up to 48 hours. P1 Parking is also located near the terminal, so it’s a very short walk (3-5 minutes) to the airport. Here’s the address you can use for navigation: Ceintuurbaan Zuid, 1118 CX Schiphol.

As of this writing, here are the parking rates for P1 Parking at Schiphol.

Every 10 minutes€ 1.10
0 – 24 hours€ 44
24 – 48 hours€ 88

Note that if you want to park longer than 48 hours, that is possible but you need to make a booking in advance. If you don’t make a reservation and stay longer than 48 hours, you’ll be charged an extra € 100 per day.

P1 Parking is quite secure. There’s video surveillance on the premises and it’s mostly sheltered.

Long-Term Parking (P3 Parking)

If you need to park your car for more than eight (8) hours, then long-term parking is the more cost-effective option for you. As you reach the airport, follow the signs to P3 Long-Term Parking. You can choose between covered and uncovered parking with minimal cost impact.

You don’t need to make any parking reservations (but if you do, you save €0.50). After you park your car, simply bring your luggage with you to the main building.

Our Tip: If you’re traveling with someone, drop them and your luggage off at the P3 Parking building’s loading and unloading point before you park your car, so you don’t need to drag your luggage.

From the P3 Parking building, you can hop on board any of the free shuttle buses to the airport. They depart every 10 minutes and run 24/7. If you’re flying KLM, TUI, or Transavia, you can even check in from the main P3 Parking building already! This saves you time, and you don’t need to board the free shuttle bus with any luggage. (Once you arrive at the Departure area, just go straight to Security Check.)

P3 Long-Term Parking at Schiphol is about 5 minutes away from the terminal. Here’s the address you can use for navigation: Holiday Avenue, 1118 ZG Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer.

As of this writing, here are the parking rates for long-term parking at Schiphol.

0 – 24 hours€ 44€ 44
24 – 48 hours€ 75€ 80
Then every 24 hours€ 8.50€ 8.50

Note that if you park longer than your intended stay, you will be charged an extra € 10 per day. (The maximum parking time at P3 Parking is six (6) months.)

P3 Long-Term Parking is quite secure. There’s video surveillance 24/7.

When you arrive, simply go out of the airport and go to bus stop A5, which is in front of the Arrivals hall entrance. (You can also follow the yellow P3 signs.) You’ll soon find the free shuttle buses that will take you to P3 Parking from here. The shuttle buses run every 10 minutes, 24/7.

Valet Parking

If you’re pressed for time or simply want the safest option for your car, then you’ll be pleased to know that valet parking at Schiphol is possible.

P6 Valet Parking (Uncovered)

If you want to park within two hours of your departure time, then head to P6 Valet Parking located at Transportstraat, 1118 ZG Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer.

Online reservations are required, and you can park for a minimum of eight (8) hours. When you arrive, simply hand over your keys to the valet, who will park your car in Schiphol’s own parking garage. From here, you only need to walk two (2) minutes to reach the Departures hall.

As of this writing, here are the parking rates for P6 Valet Parking at Schiphol.

1 day€ 70
2 days onwards€ 5.50 per hour (until the max daily rate of € 45.50 is reached)

Our Tip: Make an online reservation and save nearly 50% off the daily rate!

Of course, security is top-notch with this choice. There’s a video of your car as you hand it over to the valet, 24/7 video surveillance on the premises, and GPS tracking to and from the final parking space.

Terminal Valet Parking (Covered)

Terminal Valet Parking is the shortest route to the Departure halls because you get to hand over your keys to a valet between Departure halls 2 and 3. It’s located at Vertrekpassage 3, 1118 ZG Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer, and your trusty valet will park the car in an enclosed, covered parking garage.

Online reservations are required, and you can make a booking up to two (2) hours before you arrive to park. As of this writing, here are the parking rates for Terminal Valet Parking at Schiphol.

1 day€ 75 regardless of duration
2 days onwards€ 7.50 per hour (until the max daily rate of € 52.50 is reached)

Our Tip: Make an online reservation and save nearly 25% off the daily rate!

VIP Parking at Schiphol

Are you a Privium member? Privium is an exclusive travel club at Schiphol. Some of its privileges include access to its exclusive lounges at the airport, speedy security checks, and access to its member’s only parking spaces at P1 and P3 Parking. There are also special valet parking options for Privium members.

Alternatives to Parking at Schiphol

If you don’t want to park at Schiphol at all, then please take note of the following alternatives.

Kiss & Ride

Say your long goodbyes at home so that you don’t need to park at all! Right at the front of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a designated Kiss & Ride zone. It’s basically a place where you drop off your loved one(s) and their luggage, kiss and hug them goodbye, and then hop right back in your car and drive off.

Park, Sleep, and Fly

Ok, you prefer a long goodbye, but you don’t want to pay for airport parking at Schiphol. Hotels near Schiphol offer a concept called Park, Sleep, and Fly. Basically, you book a room overnight, and the following day, you can use the hotel’s free shuttle service to and from Schiphol.

Now, you may be thinking this is not really cost-effective since you’re paying for a hotel stay. However, many take this as an opportunity to have a sort of mini vacation. They get to enjoy all the amenities of the hotel and spend a long time with their loved ones before they leave. Hotel parking is free, and the shuttle service to Schiphol is also free. Plus, it’s also relaxing and stress-free for the one sending someone off.

3rd Party Parking Operators

There are parking garages that offer spaces you can reserve to park your car. Many really consider this the ‘cheap parking at Schiphol’ alternative. If you’re going to park your car for a couple of days, you can save up to +/-50% of what you would spend if you park your car at any of the Schiphol parking alternatives mentioned above.

However, please note the following tips.

  • Ensure that the parking garage you’re considering is secure. Check if it offers video surveillance or if the parking garage is covered or not.
  • Check the exact location of the parking garage so that you know how close or far you are from the airport.
  • Check if there are free shuttle services to and from Schiphol. If there are none, you should prepare how you and your luggage are going to get to the airport.
  • Sheltered or not, avoid leaving valuable items in your car.
  • Be sure you check the process of how you can get inside the parking garage. Take note of any contact numbers you can use in case of any trouble. (In one of my travels, we had to enter the premises using a specific entrance and then key in a specific code before we could enter the parking garage!)
  • Check online reviews.

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