Modern and Contemporary art fans will love MoCo Museum Amsterdam. The gallery is situated inside a townhouse, Villa Alsberg, which was built in 1904. The townhouse was designed by Dutch architect Eduard Cuypers, the nephew of Pierre Cuypers, designer of Amsterdam Central Station and the Rijksmuseum, so the building itself is a sight to see.

Although the façade is static, what’s inside the museum changes all the time so be sure to check out their calendar to see which exhibits are on show.

Moco Museum Amsterdam – What to Expect

The objective of MoCo Museum founders is to make modern and contemporary art easily accessible to everyone. They also wanted their venue to be a jumpstart for new moco artists. As such, exhibitions will usually be a ‘pairing’. That is, art by famous moco artists such as Banksy, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, and others may be shown alongside artists who aren’t as well-known but are just as talented.

Being a museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art, you can expect MoCo Amsterdam to be a fun place to visit. In fact, many visitors claim that the museum doesn’t even feel like a museum at all.

One outside, feel free to explore their MoCo Garden. There are pieces that are perfect for photo ops.

Plan Your Journey

Get the most out of your visit to the MoCo Museum in Amsterdam with the following practical information and tips.

Admission and Tickets

As of this writing, tickets are priced at €20 for adults and €17 for the youth (10-17 years old). Note that you need to book a specific date and timeslot to enter the museum. However, once inside, you’re free to stay as long as you want.

Good to Know: The museum has a rescheduling policy so it’s possible to re-book your ticket if you let them know 24 hours before your visit.

Opening Hours

MoCo Museum Amsterdam is open daily: Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 AM to 9 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 AM to 10 PM.

How to Get There

Located at the heart of Amsterdam’s Museumplein (Museum Square), MoCo Amsterdam is easily accessible by car or public transport. Address: Honthorststraat 20, 1071 DE Amsterdam

By Car

The best way to drive to MoCo Amsterdam is to use Google Maps or any GPS system. Once you reach Amsterdam, the museum is just a 20-25 min car ride from the Amsterdam Central Station (via the s100 route).

By Public Transport

From anywhere in the country, hop on the train going to Amsterdam Central Station. From there, it’s just a 15-min ride via metro (line 52).

By Bike or on Foot

If you already stay in Amsterdam, then the museum is just a cycle or walk away. From the central station, biking would take about 12 minutes. On foot, you can reach the museum in just over 30 minutes. If you think this is too long, we promise you’d hardly notice the time because there’s just so much to see along the way!

Food and Drinks

Due to the many artworks on display, food and drinks are not allowed inside the museum. You can partake of them in the outside areas.

Wheelchair Access

Unfortunately, MoCo Museum Amsterdam is not wheelchair-friendly. This is because the villa where it’s located has plenty of stairs and no elevators.


The average time it takes to explore MoCo Amsterdam is three (3) hours.

Our Tip:  If you have time to spare and since you’re already in the capital city’s museum square, check out our article 12 Best Museums in Amsterdam to see other museums you can visit.

I amsterdam City Card

Do you have the I amsterdam City Card? If so, then note that MoCo Museum Amsterdam is included in the card so no need to pay extra! However, you still need to reserve a specific day and timeslot (here). Otherwise, you’ll be denied entry even if you have your I amsterdam City Card with you.

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