If you want to see most, if not all, of the Netherlands’ top attractions in one day, then visit Madurodam. Located in The Hague in the province of South Holland, this attraction is in the Top 5 most visited theme parks in the country. Read on for our quick guide on what you can see, do and experience at Madurodam.

Top 7 Reasons to Visit Madurodam

#1 A Big Park of Minis

Visitors feel like a giant as they explore Madurodam as most Dutch historic buildings and landscapes are shown as 1:25 scale model replicas. It’s an excellent top-down view of what makes Holland an amazing country.

Here are just a few of the miniature attractions you’ll see: Rijksmuseum, Loo Palace, Anne Frank Museum, Alkmaar cheese market, Keukenhof, Schiphol Airport, Euromast, Muiderslot Castle, and more.

#2 All of Holland in Just a Few Hours

One of the main reasons to visit Madurodam is if you’re pressed for time. Sure, the country is not that big to tour but it’s FULL of amazing things to see. So if you want a crash course on what the country’s top landmarks and attractions are, this theme park is the place to go.

In fact, many people use Madurodam as a sort of starting point. That is, visit here first; see which attractions really pique your interest, and then make a note to visit the real thing later on.

Of course, you can do it the other way too. Visit your ‘target destinations’ for real and then go to Madurodam for a quick look at all the things you missed.

#3 Fun, Highly Interactive Theme Park

Unlike other theme parks, Madurodam is highly interactive. There are plenty of hands-on activities for young and old alike here.

For example, visitors have a lot of fun operating the miniature Oosterscheldekering storm surge barrier, which, in real life, is an eight-kilometer dam erected to protect Zeeland from the sea after the North Sea Flood in 1953.

It’s already delightful to watch trucks unload at The Port of Rotterdam miniature. But put a coin in the slot and ‘cargo’ comes out with candy! Some mini attractions even have displays that you can activate with your admission ticket.

#4 Miniature Winter Wonderland

During summer, it’s great to tour all the outdoor attractions in great weather. However, visiting during the Christmas holiday vacation (mid-December to early January) is great too because at this time the place transforms into Winterweeks. Mini ice skaters, miniature bonfires, and little Santas make a special appearance during these days.

#5 Go Back in Time Using Technology

Madurodam is a nice mix of history and technology. For example, the Nieuw Amsterdam (New Amsterdam) attraction is a history lesson in disguise. Using fun interactive tools and visual aids, the whole experience is about the voyage of Dutchies from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to New Amsterdam (the US), which is now known as the city of New York.

#6 IG-Worthy!

No one can say that Madurodam is not keeping up with the times! Truth be told, nearly every inch of the park is IG-worthy but there are special Photo Opp sections too such as the XL Clog (yes, the Dutch wooden shoes), XL Nijntje (the well-loved Dutch rabbit), XL Tulips, and more.

#7 Enjoy Nature

You go to Madurodam for the interactive miniatures but once inside during the flower season, you also get treated to over 55,000 tulips and other flower bulbs in full bloom.

Plan Your Journey

They say that to be prepared is half the victory. On that note, the following are practical information and tips to have a great visit to Madurodam.

Admission and Tickets

The price of admission depends on the type of ticket you want to purchase. The most pocket-friendly option is to buy a ticket for a specific date and time slot (+/-€17). If you want to buy a ticket now but don’t want to signify a date and timeslot yet, then the flex ticket option is for you (€22). (Children under 3 enter free of charge.)

Opening Hours

Madurodam is open all year round: Mondays to Fridays, 10 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM.

How to Get There

Maudrodam is easily reached by car and public transport.

Address:  George Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ The Hague, the Netherlands

By Car

The best way to drive to Madurodam is to use Google Maps or any GPS system. Once you reach Den Haag (A12, A4), just follow the signposts pointing to Madurodam.

By Public Transport

From anywhere in the country, hop on the train going to Den Haag Centraal (The Hague Central) or to Den Haag Hollands Spoor. When you disembark from either station, take the direct connection to Madurodam. Next, take Tram 9 going to Scheveningen Noord or towards Madurodam. Alternatively, you can take Bus 22 going to Den Haag, Duindorp.

 Food and Drinks

As a top tourist destination, the park offers plenty of options where you can get a snack or a meal. Cafes, restaurants, and coffee corners are spread throughout the park.


Parking at Madurodam costs €10 per day. However, during peak times, it may be full by the time you get there so here are some alternatives:

  • Q-Park Malieveld is just 10 minutes by tram from the park. Note though that you need to make a reservation so please visit their site for details.
  • World Forum (Forum Parking A), which is a 20 minute walk to Madurodam.

Wheelchair Access

Madurodam is a wheelchair-friendly destination, with 13 of its 18 main attractions reachable for those in wheelchairs. The park even has free wheelchairs for use. However, these are limited so calling for a reservation (+31 70 41 62 400) is advised.


Unfortunately, dogs and other pets are not allowed access to the park (with the exception of guide or assistance dogs). However, there are free kennel facilities available so you can travel here with your pet and leave them there.

Our Tip: Limited kennel spaces are available so please call (+31 70 41 62 400) and make a reservation.

In The Area

The average time it takes to explore the park is three (3) hours. However, many visitors stay and enjoy the attractions for a whole day. But if you’re planning to arrive early and think a whole day is too much, you can easily combine Madurodam with a visit to SEA LIFE Scheveningen.

Our Tip: If you want to know what else you can do at Scheveningen, visit our A Day in Scheveningen: Beaches, Sights and Activities article (a quick 5 min read).

Still want to squeeze viewing more attractions in your day, then consider a bus tour to Madurodam, Royal Delft, and Euromast.

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