Katwijk aan Zee is a popular seaside resort on the North Sea, located in the province of South Holland. The former fishing village has a population of about 65,000 and with an area 24,000 m² (258,333 ft²), is quite densely populated. This however, does not detract from the relaxed atmosphere. Katwijk is characterized by a 4 km (2 mi) long, sandy beach that is well-maintained and surrounded by numerous dunes.

Beach in Katwijk aan Zee

The beach has won the Blue Flag environmental award several times. Every day the very spacious sandy beach is carefully cleaned up. This local gem is within walking distance to most of the town and hosts its own clean toilets and showers. There are parking facilities and restaurants located in the immediate vicinity of the beach. Ideal for a pleasant day at the ocean!

Dunes in Katwijk aan Zee

The dunes Bergheide and Coepelduyn are a great place to walk and cycle. There are several walking trails in the dunes which are signposted. Dogs are allowed in the dunes.

Katwijk aan Zee Walk
A walk in the dunes in Katwijk aan Zee

Dog Beach in Katwijk

As with most beaches in the Netherlands, there are restrictions regarding dogs on the regular beaches. During the summer season (1st April to 1st October) dogs are not allowed on the bathing beach during the day! Dogs are only allowed here before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m. During winter season (October-March) dogs are allowed at all beaches without restrictions and can run around off-leash.

If you’re planning to visit the area during the day in the summer, make sure to go to a hondenstrand. In the north of Katwijk (between Katwijk and Noordwijk, there’s a special dog beach where dogs are allowed year-round. The dog beach starts at the Noord Duinen (behind the restaurant Het Wantveld), and goes till the next village, Noordwijk.

Sightseeing in Katwijk

In addition to a nice day at the beach, there are some small sights. Most of them can be connected with a walk in the nature.

Vogelkijkmuur (Bird Watching)

A popular place to visit for those who love birds is the Vogelkijkmuur, where you can watch the birds on the adjacent lake Nieuweplas. The lake is reachable via the walking trails that connect the dunes with the southern part of the beach.

Katwijk Lighthouse

Another highlight that you’ll find in many Dutch costal cities, is the lighthouse. The Katwijk lighthouse (Vuurtoren van Katwijk) is located in the town center, a few minutes walk from southern end of the Boulevard Zeezijde.

Beach Boulevard

What we love about Dutch beaches are the boulevards! Perfect for a leisurely stroll, you’ll find various cafés and restaurants along Katwijk’s Boulevard Zeezijde. If you walk slowly, it takes around 15 minutes to walk along the entire boulevard (starting at the surf school and ending at the lighthouse).


If you are interested in museums, visit the Katwijk Museum. There you will find a few paintings, a collection of artifacts, a few model fishing boats and a lot of information about the history and development of the city.

Plan Your Stay

How to Get There

Katwijk is located at the North Sea coast, a few kilometers from Leiden. You can get there by public transport (bus) from Leiden Central Station. The bus ride takes around 15 minutes and is the cheapest option, especially during summer time.


The most convenient way to get to Katwijk is by car. There are multiple car parks available. Which one is the best largely depends on what you’re planning to do. Note that parking your car on a parking lot is cheaper than parking in the streets. One of the car parks at the boulevard is ideal for those who want to spend a day at the beach without much walking. A day ticket (during summer) costs €10. If you’d like to go to the dog beach, the parking lot Noordduinen is a good choice.


Katwijk offers a large number of accommodations, ranging from hotels and bed & breakfast. Many of them are in walking distance to the beach. Below is a list of the most popular accommodations.


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