With world famous museums and remarkable attractions, Amsterdam attracts over 19 million visitors a year. The high demand to get into Amsterdam’s attraction means long queues and high ticket prices.

To make things faster and cheaper, Amsterdam has introduced the I amsterdam City Card. This sightseeing card gives free entry to many of Amsterdam’s best attractions, public transportation and more benefits.

But what exactly is included, what is not, and is the I amsterdam card really worth it?

In this article, we’ll share with you all advantages and drawbacks of Amsterdam’s city card, and how to save the most money. Let’s dive right in.

What is The “I amsterdam City Card”?

The i amsterdam city card is a sightseeing pass which includes free entry to a wide range of sites and museums, public transportation and discount on certain activities. Its aim is to make visitors save money and time.

The main benefits of the I Amsterdam card are:

  1. Avoid queuing: With the I amsterdam City Card, you don’t need to fall in line for museum tickets. Some establishments may still require you to book a date or timeslot online, but many only require you to show the card at the entrance to gain access.
  2. Save on entry fees: Tickets to Amsterdam’s museums and other top attractions cost an average of €20. Imagine having to pay that much for every place you wanted to go. The I amsterdam City Card offers free access to over 70 of Amsterdam’s museums and attractions. In addition to these 70 attractions, others are available for 25% off the normal ticket price, and that’s still a lot of savings.
  3. Facilitate transportation: Further, as the card includes free use of the city’s wide network of public transportation mediums (any GVB bus, tram, or metro), you can easily explore the city without the stress and confusion of buying transportation tickets.

What does the I Amsterdam Card Cover?

The city card covers over 70 attractions in and around Amsterdam, as well as some additional discounts and special offers. It really covers most attractions that you’d want to visit. However, there are also a few things that are not included.

Included in the I Amsterdam Card

  • Free entry to Amsterdam’s best museums
  • Free entry to several attractions in the greater area, among others in Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Haarlem, Muiden and Enkhuizen.
  • 25% discount and special offers for selected venues
  • Free canal cruise
  • Amsterdam city map
  • Free use of public transportation in the GVB network (trams and buses in Amsterdam)

NOT Included in the I Amsterdam Card

  • Van Gogh museum. That’s really the only thing which you wouldn’t want to miss out on, and that you have to pay separately.
  • National public transportation. NS trains (national trains) connecting Amsterdam with other cities.
  • Public transportation (buses, trams) beyond the GVB network. GVB is only in Amsterdam. Although there are some attractions you can visit in places like Zaanse Schans or Haarlem, the use of local public transportation (outside GVB) is not included.

Plans & Pricing

What’s great is that the price of the I Amsterdam card is based on its validity. It starts from €65 (valid for 24 hours). If you’re staying in Amsterdam for several days, you can purchase a multi-day pass. The longer the validity, the higher the saving.

I Amsterdam City CardPrice (incl. tax)
24 hours (1 day)€65
48 hours (2 days)€90
72 hours (3 days)€110
96 hours (4 days)€125
120 hours (5 days)€135

You can buy the card online prior to your travel. It will be automatically activated at the time it’s scanned at the first venue you visit. Once you’ve activated your card, it is valid for the number of hours you’ve chosen.

Is the I amsterdam City Card Worth It?

Now that we’ve introduced you to the basics of the I Amsterdam card, let’s move on to the question whether the card is worth its price. For our calculation, we are using a 2-day pass (48 hours for €90 per person) and some of the most popular attractions.

To make things easy, the price calculation is based on 1 person. If you’re traveling in a group, you can simply multiple the savings by the number of people you’re traveling with.

AttractionPrice with I Amsterdam CardRegular Price (as of January 2023)
I Amsterdam Card (2 Days)€90NA
Day 1:
Amsterdam Canal CruiseFree€19
NEMO Science MuseumFree€17.50
Van Gogh Museum€21€21
Use of public transportation (one-day pass)Free€8.50
Day 2:  
A’DAM LookoutFree€20
This is Holland (5D Flight Experience)Free€25
Madame TussaudsFree€25
Bike rental Free€14.50
Total amount spent / person:€111€171.8

As per our sample calculation, you’ll save over €60 euros per person when using the I Amsterdam city card.

Our example is based on a realistic two-day schedule for the average traveler. On day one, we visit a couple of Amsterdam’s most famous museums and enjoy some of the city’s vibe on a canal cruise. On day two, we opt for some contemporary attractions in the morning, and visit Amsterdam’s parks by bike in the afternoon.

That said, you can maximise your savings by visiting more museums. For example, buy a two-day pass and visit all the museums and attractions that interest you on day 1. Head to Zaanse Schans and Volendam on day 2. If you’ve a third day in Amsterdam, visit the attractions that are not included in the card, and make use of all the free things Amsterdam has to offer.

Our Conclusion

The I Amsterdam City Card is a great way to save money and time. If you’re planning on visiting at least 2 museums (entrance €20-25/each) and do a canal cruise (averaging €20), the I Amsterdam will be worth it. If you’re an early bird and want to visit as many attractions as possible, you can easily halve your costs when compared to regular entry tickets.

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