Want to make the globetrotter in your life (whether that be a partner, best friend or colleague) happy? Forget the drugstore gift set or ugly christmas sweater! If you want to give a travel addict a real treat, check out the 12 gift ideas below, for every occasion and budget.

#1 Safe Travels: Belt Pouch for Valuables

Safety is top priority when traveling. In many cities thieves steal valuables out of unsuspecting holidaymakers’ pockets. To make this more difficult for thieves, it is advised to keep valuables close to the body and within sight. Instead of in a backpack or handbag, keep your wallet and smartphone in front of your body. Belt pouches or fanny packs with RFID blockers that prevent unwanted card reading are ideal.

#2 Waterproof Bags: Drybag

Say goodbye to water droplets and sand on your smartphone! To protect sensitive objects or clothing from damage when near the water or at a campsite, a waterproof drybag is recommended. Drybags are available in different sizes: From 1.5 liters for the bare essentials (smartphone, keys, wallet) up to 40 liters, which can also hold clothes and laptops.

#3 Voltage Converters

Different country, different voltage and socket. In order to be able to charge your electronic devices abroad, you’ll often need a voltage converter. In the US and Canada, the voltage is 110 V, while in Europe and other countries in the world it’s 230 V. The UK and former colonies such as India have 3-pin sockets, which require an adapter as well. Instead of buying individual voltage converters for each country, the best option is a universal adapter. Check out my suggestions below or read more on voltage converters for travelling internationally to find out which type of converter you need dependent on the country.

#4 Refillable Water Bottles

One topic that many travelers today are very concerned about is sustainability. Especially in regions where drinking (unfiltered) tap water is not recommended, plastic water bottles are the most common alternative. With an average daily drinking quantity of 2 liters, this means that during a 7-day trip, around 28 plastic bottles (0.5 l each) are used, which then end up in the trash. A simple and even more cost-efficient option are reusable bottles. These are easily transported and refilled with (filtered or tap) water. Thus, travelers not only save money, but also make an important contribution to environmental protection.

#5 Travel Laundry Bags

A very practical gift idea are laundry bags. Nothing is more unpleasant than wet socks or sweaty T-shirts that lurk between your fresh clothes. To distinguish clean from dirty clothes, a travel laundry bag is a must! Foldable laundry bags are available in many different sizes and with prints. A practical gift for backpackers!

#6 Charge your Smartphone on the Go: Powerbank

Messaging family and friends, uploading photos to social media or just checking the map has never been easier than with smartphones! This makes it all the more important to always have a charged battery. A power bank is a smart choice for travelers as it reduces reliance on traditional power sockets. Power banks are an additional mobile battery that you charge at home and can then be used to charge your cell phone, tablet or Smartwatch on the go. Powerbanks are available in different price ranges. The main difference being the capacity: A Powerbank with a nominal 10,000 mAh is sufficient for a complete charge of the cell phone battery, while Powerbanks with a higher capacity are suitable for several battery charges of smartphone and iPad.

#7 Backpack (for Backpacking and Hiking)

Since many airlines now charge considerable baggage fees, more and more travelers are opting for light baggage. The trend is clearly moving away from bulky suitcases to practical backpacks. They are lighter weight and easier to carry throughout the cabin. Even when you arrive at your destination, handy travel luggage allows much more freedom of movement than the conventional suitcase. Whether you’re backpacking around the world or hiking on vacation, a good backpack promotes efficient packing and makes every journey much easier.

#8 Travel Maps

Even when the most avid globetrotter isn’t traveling, the memories stay alive. There are many creative ways to integrate travel memories into the home. A stylish and practical idea is a travel map, attached to the wall like a pinboard. You can mark the destinations you’ve visited with a runoff mark or pinned flag. There are also canvas travel maps where you can attach a photo for each visited destination. A creative and inexpensive gift idea for travelers who have big goals!

#9 Travel Money Boxes

A great gift idea for travelers with a small budget are travel money boxes. The money boxes are available in numerous designs; a suitcase, a picture frame, globe or classic piggy bank. Travel money boxes are perfect as a small gift for in between times and a great gift idea for the best friend or colleague.

#10 Selfie-Sticks and Tripods

You’ll find Selfie-Sticks in (almost) every suitcase. These enable taking pictures with a larger background and several people via the front camera (Selfie camera) of your smartphone. Practical for solo travelers or couples who do not want to be dependent on other people for vacation photos. Selfie-Sticks have Bluetooth capabilities and can be connected to your smartphone. When purchasing, make sure that the Selfie Stick is compatible with your operating system (iPhone or Android). If you want to go one step further, a tripod is a good choice, as many are lightweight and foldable, so they are easy to take with you when you travel.

#11 Noise-Canceling-Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are ideal whether you’re traveling by train, playing sports or hiking. These are usually wireless headphones that actively suppress disturbing ambient noise and makes it easier to listen to your own music. They are available as on-ear, over-ear and in-ear versions. Noise-canceling headphones are an ideal gift idea for your loved ones who love music and travel!

#12 On the Safe Side: Gift Cards

If you want to be on the safe side when purchasing a present, a gift card is a good choice! The advantage is that your partner, friend or colleague can decide for themself what he or she needs. Gift cards are usually valid for several months and can therefore be redeemed at a later date. Gift cards lack personal touch, but if you wrap the card in a creative way, your travel-loving loved one is guaranteed to be thrilled!

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