Fancy a relaxing day on the North Sea beach? Scheveningen and Katwijk may be some of the most popular destinations, but Egmond aan Zee is not to be overlooked! Great for a beach holiday, Egmond has more to offer than just sand and sun. Egmond aan Zee was an independent municipality until 1978, when it merged with Egmond-Binnen and Egmond aan den Hoef to form the new municipality Egmond aan Zee. You’ll find some colorful tulip fields and wide dunes between the districts. So pack your swimsuits and hiking shoes and enjoy a great summer vacation in Egmond!

Beach of Egmond aan Zee

Egmond aan Zee has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Dutch coast, perfect for sunbathing and relaxation. Find your own cozy place on the beach or rent a beach chair. At high tide you can walk barefoot through the fine-grained sand into the crystal clear water, and at low tide you can enjoy the additional space for volleyball, building beach castles or collecting shells.

Egmond aan Zee Beach
The beautiful beach of Egmond aan Zee

For the active holiday goers the spacious beach offers many possibilities. Paragliding (kite surfing) is becoming more and more popular and lessons with professionals are widely offered, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner!

More Activities in Egmond

#1 Horse Riding on the Beach

Horse lovers can fulfill dreams of riding on the beach in Egmond. There are two stables in Egmond aan den Hoef that offer rides for both beginners and more advanced riders. Enjoy a lovely ride through the beautiful dunes and across the beach. Experience the feeling of absolute freedom on horseback!

#2 Walk in the Dunes

The dunes along the beach of Egmond aan Zee are truly amazing! Whether you’re traveling alone, with your dog or children, make sure to explore the walking paths along the impressive sand dunes.

Egmond aan Zee Dunes
A walk in the dunes of Egmond aan Zee

Our tip: Make sure to check the wind direction. If you start in Egmond and the wind is coming from the north, it makes sense to walk southwards along the beach and return northwards to Egmond through the dunes. Having the wind in your back on the beach allows you to walk faster.

#3 Town Center

The town center of Egmond is truly beautiful! Just like in many Dutch coastal towns, you’ll find a lighthouse here (Vuurtoren).

What we loved about Egmond is that there are several great viewpoints. If you’d like to have a great view of the town center, head to the viewpoints at the Burgemeester Nielestraat, between Hotel Zuiderduin and the museum (Museum van Egmond). You’ll find several other viewpoints a bit further away from the town center (e.g. near Roompot Vakanties).

View of Egmond aan Zee
View of Egmond aan Zee

#4 Museum in Egmond aan Zee

If the weather isn’t good enough to go to the beach or the dunes, use the day to visit Egmond’s Museum! This museum presents the history of Egmond’s three districts and the transformation from a small fishing village to a well-known tourist town. Lovingly decorated, the museum is home to old lifeboats as well as a model of Holland’s largest castle, Slot op den Hoef, composed of 25,000 stones. Exciting games with prizes are regularly offered for children!

How to Get to There & Parking

There are plenty of parking spaces near the beach entrances. Between 1st March and 31st October a ticket must be purchased between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. (cost: €1.95 / hour, maximum daily rate: €12). During the winter months, from (1 November to 29 February), you can park in Egmond free of charge.

Would you like to save on parking fees in the summer too? In Egmond aan den Hoed and Egmond-Binnen you will find free parking all year round. Are you staying overnight? Check in advance where your hotel is located and if there is (free) parking available.

In the Area

Egmond aan Zee and its districts, Egmond-Binnen and Egmond aan den Hoef, are great choices for a perfect summer vacation. Here you will mainly find peace and relaxation. Another beautiful place nearby is Bergen aan Zee, which is connected to Egmond via the beach and the dunes. If you’d like to visit a vibrant city nearby, visit the surrounding cities Alkmaar, Haarlem or Amsterdam.

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